The ocean worker jacket

The ocean worker jacket


The Ocean Worker Jacket.

A vintage chore worker jacket, hand-painted by Sarina in Bath, UK.

This jacket is painted with an assortment of creatures that have communally influenced our understanding of the impacts of ocean pollution. These animals have collectively ‘spoken’ to us, opening our eyes to the issues they are facing, propelling us into conversations about environmental issues and are inspiring many to make a change. The understanding of how these creatures have been affected by ocean pollution has heavily contributed to the environmental revolution taking place across the world right now. Shark growth and behaviour is being altered due to the increasing presence of co2,  the Hector’s dolphin is on the brink of extinction due to entanglement in fishing nets and sea turtles are mistaking plastic bags for their usual jellyfish diet - it’s the plight of these species that have made us care. A reference list of research that has inspired this piece can be found on the inside of the jacket and examples of the chemical structures and molecular formulae of compounds that are wreaking havoc in our seas are present on the right sleeve. The chore worker jacket was historically worn by transport and factory workers, and even fishermen.

These jackets are vintage and sizing is unisex. You can choose from S, M, L, XL.

Please keep in mind that there may be variation between the jacket you recieve and the one pictured, and some slight imperfections due to the vintage nature of the piece.

You’ll be kept up to date with the progress of your jacket, but please allow 3 weeks for dispatch, as each jacket is painted to order.

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  • 100% cotton vintage jacket

  • water based, low-impact inks