Feed the Seagulls Jacket

Feed the Seagulls Jacket

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Unisex Feed the seagulls jacket

Dark denim 

Size: L (model is an 8 for reference) 


Despite their tendency to steal snack, seagulls are pretty important birds. With an elegant, intelligent design, these opportunist birds can adapt to a wide rang of habitats and diets. They are also incredible parents; some gulls look after their young for 6 months which, in bird terms, is a long time! 

Herring gulls (which you'll have definitely seen, with a characteristic red fleck on their beaks) were the subject of an experiment conducted by Niko Tinbergen that gave rise to a whole new area of science - the study of animal behaviour. It's amazing that the study of just one species of gull gave rise to a whole new topic of exploration.

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I only paint on second-hand/vintage denim, I don't really see the point to using new denim when there are so many great pieces that already exist, particularly as denim required lots of water to be produced. I do make sure that all of the denim we pick to paint is in excellent condition, meaning you can be a responsible consumer and still receive a quality garment!