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 SmartSquid focuses on creating unique items to spark ecological conversations.  Hoping to promote a slower attitude towards fashion, only organic, carbon neutral or recycled garments are used as the base for designs.

The finished product? 

Quality, unique pieces, adorned with creatures that are ecologically important.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Sarina! SmartSquid has been bubbling away for quite some time, I first started altering garments through embellishment and tie-dying; selling online and in market stalls in Bath and London. I love fashion, but have become increasingly aware of the negative impacts that the industry has on our planet - it's the second most polluting industry after oil!  This lead me to steer SmartSquid in a new direction. I'm super passionate about using sustainable items as a base for my designs, and love showcasing creatures that need a bit more appreciation that I  learned about while studying Biology at the University of Bristol. 

I also do a few things alongside this side-project which you can read about here